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The secrets behind our favourite logos

August 11th, 2015 Posted by Design, EsteStudio No Comment yet


What do the numbers on a Margiela label mean?
How did Maison Kitsuné get so foxy?…

As any overpaid, overcaffeinated marketing guru will tell you, a good logo is a powerful thing. What would Batman be without the bat symbol? Superman without the “S”?


eBook Good Idea

¡EsteStudio reaches your bookshelf!, on the eBook Good Idea

June 26th, 2015 Posted by Design, EsteStudio No Comment yet

We give you a a free copy of the eBook Good Idea, which includes some of the design projects made in our studio.

Back in April 2012, the Taiwanese publisher Hightone Books selected a series of works by EsteStudio to publicate them in the second volume of his flagship catalog of graphic design: Good Idea.


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